Welcome to Our “New” Studio

From a vision that started with a few pieces of blue painter’s tape on the ground to a studio that is more or less a room within a room–our new space is up, it’s sturdy, and it’s buzzing with anticipation for our first class Thursday night.

The frame before we hung the wire


Snipping the wire down to size


There’s Prof. Bork working with the screw gun to hang the wire; and Sara, who is just pretending to be helping so she can “look cool.”


It’s hard work working hard, but a studio isn’t created by itself!
This time, it really did take two sets of hands to make sure that the job got done right. Making the wire meet in the corners required extra measuring and extra snipping to mind the gap.


Early on, Sara realized working by herself on preparing the wire wasn’t so hard if she worked *with* the materials and used inanimate objects to her advantage.


The new studio, nearly complete.


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